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We are looking for bands from the 60's or 70's in the Southeast. If you were in a band or know of one that you can provide information and/or pictures on please CONTACT US:

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  1. $1.98 Need info on this Key West Florida band
  2. 2/3rds Daytona Beach, FL
  3. 2 + 2 New Port Richey, Fl A true garage band
  4. 13th HourglassPensacola, FL
  5. 8-Up With Soul Carrollton, ga
  6. Abacus Need pics on this Georgia band
  7. Aboriginal Missionary Miami FL band
  8. Absolutes Tampa Florida band
  9. Aeonites - Brunswick GA. Original name! Picture and lineup!
  10. Aerovons Need info on this Miami Fl band
  11. Afton Danville, Va
  12. Agents- Palmetta, FL band. Need pics and info.
  13. Alabama Bands Thanks to JD Campbell for the pics and info. Don't forget to check hout his website BAMAROK
  14. Allman Joys - Jacksonville, FL. Became Allman Brothers.
  15. A L Richard Band - Rock Hill, SC
  16. Alfonzo and The FABULOUS Bootleggers - Breaking NEWS! Pictures and the full, never-before-heard story
  17. Aliens Norfolk,VA New
  18. Ambassadors/Bridge need pics and info on this Miami Florida band
  19. Ancestors - Dublin, GA band. Ancestors to Cruis-O-Matic.
  20. Apollos Atlanta, GA
  21. Athens Rogues From Athens, GA
  22. Atlanta Rhythm Section Atlanta, GA
  23. Avalons Toccoa, GA New
  24. Avengers - Miami, Fl area band.
  25. Avengers - Another Florida band
  26. Back Alley Shreveport, LA New
  27. Back Door Men - Douglas, GA band. Wendell later joined The Bushmen.
  28. Backspin Vidalia Ga. band
  29. Back Street Society - Waycross, GA band. Need Pics!
  30. Bad Habits Shreveport, LA New
  31. Bag need pics and info on this South Florida band
  32. Banana Boat Society - Valdosta, Ga band.
  33. Bandit Atlanta, GA
  34. Bangs need pics and info on this Mrrianna, Florida band
  35. Bassmen - Our first Alabama band! Welcome The Bassmen.
  36. Barracudas Gainsville, Fl
  37. Beach Bums Zephyrhills, Fl
  38. Beagles Lynchburg, VA New
  39. Beaver Patroll need info on this Miami Florida band
  40. Beethovens - A Tifton, Georgia band.
  41. Belles All girl band from Miami Florida
  42. Berkley Five Eustis Florida band
  43. Better Half Gainesville, FL
  44. Better Half Dozen New Orleans, LA New
  45. Big Ape Radio - Yeah, I know the Big Ape ain't a band, but click on this! Looking and listening to the APE will bring back some memories!
  46. Billy Bruce Band - Valdosta, GA. Every member of the band was named Billy Bruce. At least that was what they said!
  47. Billy Joe Royal Born in Valdosta GA
  48. Billy John and the Continentals Lafayette, LA New
  49. Birdwatchers Tampa Florida Updated
  50. Birnam Wood - Need info
  51. Bitter Ind Jacksonville,Florida band
  52. B J Thomas Texan who played all over the US
  53. B-52s Athens, Ga. Another Athens band that made it big
  54. Blackstone Jury - Valdosta, GA band.
  55. Blazers - Valdosta, Ga Band
  56. Blazers Haines City, Florida
  57. Blazers Blue Ridge, GA
  58. Blenders Atlanta,GA band
  59. Blue Chords Bluefield, VA New
  60. Blues Cycle Need pics and info on this St. Petersburg FL band
  61. Blues Image Tampa, Florida New
  62. Blue Tops Homerville, Ga
  63. Body Shoppe Need info on this Broward Florida band
  64. Bomarcs Another Eustis, Florida band
  65. Booger Band Atlanta, GA
  66. Boogie Chillun' - band from Macon, Ga with Bill Pound
  67. Boogie Whip - Clever name for an Alma, GA band!
  68. Borderline - Gene Davis band.
  69. Boulder Damn Need info on this Florida band
  70. Brother Bait Atlanta, Ga
  71. Brothers Grymm Gainesville, Fl
  72. Bulls - Valdosta, GA. band.
  73. Bushmen A southern legend from Douglas, GA
  74. Busy Signals Need pics and info on this Ft. Lauderdale Florida band
  75. Calliban Atlanta, Ga
  76. Canadian Rogues Lakeland, Florida
  77. Candymen - A musicians' band. Forerunner of ARS (Atlanta Rhythm Section)
  78. Carnage Need info on this band
  79. Chashers (with Lamar Collins) Toccoa, GA
  80. Castaways Pelham, GA
  81. Castells - Frayser, Tennessee
  82. Catfish Blues Band St. Simons Island, GA.
  83. Casual Ts Need pics and info on this Miami band
  84. Cavaliers Tennessee
  85. Celebrity Ball - Atlanta based band
  86. Chain Gang Need pics and info for this Boca Raton Florida band
  87. Chain Reaction - Valdosta, GA band.
  88. Chains Need info on this Florida band
  89. Change Of Minds - Alma, GA band with a connection to today's Bushmen!
  90. Changing Times - Waycross, GA band.
  91. ChantellsRichmond, VA New
  92. Chastain Atlanta, Ga
  93. Checkerboard Playboys - New! Gene Davis band.
  94. Checkmates Montgomery, Alabama
  95. Chessmen Nashville, TN
  96. Chessmen Brunswick, GA area
  97. Chevrons - Milledgeville, GA. Need pics, more names, etc!
  98. Cheyenne Autumn - Valdosta, GA band.
  99. Chuck Conlon & the Crawlers Daytona Beach, FL New
  100. City Limit - Valdosta, Ga band.
  101. City Council Danville, VA
  102. Chosen Few- Jesup, GA. Precursor to The Soul Sensation! We are supposed to have some pics on the way.
  103. Chosen Few - Jacksonville, FL. band.
  104. Chosen Few Pensacola, FL New
  105. Chymes Miami Florida
  106. Circus - Laurens, SC
  107. Clamdiggers Need pics and info on this Miami Florida band
  108. Clefts of Lavender Hill Need info on this Miami Florida band
  109. Clinic Valdosta Ga
  110. Coachmen Need pics and info on this Douglas GA band
  111. Coachmen Eustis Florida band
  112. Collegiates Need info on this band
  113. Continentals - Valdosta, GA. band.
  114. Continentals - Montgomery, Alabama
  115. Coronados Need pics and info on this Florida band
  116. Coventry need info on this Ft. Lauderdale Florida band
  117. Cox Brothers Band - Gene Davis band.
  118. Crazy Days - Valdosta, Ga. band.
  119. Crescendos - Another Jacksonville, FL band. Need pics and info.
  120. Crescents Need info on this Jacksonville Florida band
  121. Crossfire Columbia, SC New
  122. Critical Mass - Statesboro, GA. Formed out of The Darke Side.
  123. Crossroads - Valdosta, GA. by way of Alabama.
  124. Cross Roads - Laurens, SC
  125. Cruis-O-Matic - The Ancestors have a connection here. This is THE Cruis-O-Matic, folks, the Atlanta group, you know what I mean.
  126. Crusaders - Brunswick, GA. We have pictures and lineup! Also an update on current band activities of one of the members!
  127. Crypt Need pics and info on this Jacksonville, Florida band
  128. Crystal Ship Need pics and info on this South Florida band
  129. Dantes - Need info on this band
  130. Dalton Gang - Jacksonville, FL., band. They cut the 45 single, "Our Love" and the big hit "Stubborn Kind of Fella".
  131. Dave and the Soul Brothers Forieda band. Need pics and info
  132. Daybreakers Orange Park Fl. band.
  133. Dark - Brunswick, Ga. Need pics. Anyone? Anyone?
  134. Dark Side Bradenburg, Kentucky New
  135. Dead End Kidds need pics and info on this Miami Florida band
  136. Deep Six - Jacksonville, Fl., band. We need info. Contact us.
  137. Defiance Need info and pics.
  138. Delta- Originally named Wall of Sound, from Waycross, GA.
  139. DelTones Jax fl band need pics and info
  140. Destiney's Children need pics and info on this Florida band
  141. Don & Jerry and the Fugitives Shreveport, LA New
  142. Don and the Holidays need pics and info on this Florida band
  143. Doodle Faulk - Guitarist, singer, songwriter and humorist! UPDATE! We have identified some of the people in the pic
  144. Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts-Fantastic show and comedy band
  145. Dharma need pics and info on this Ft. Lauderdale band
  146. Diamond Four need pics and info on this Jacksonville Florida band
  147. Dickens Need info on this band
  148. Dimensions - - Statesboro, GA band
  149. Dimensions 4 Jackson, SC New
  150. Dirt Merchants need info and pics on this Miami Florida band Updated
  151. Distortions Birmingham, Alabama
  152. Doke Brothers Monroe GA band. Need pics and info
  153. Dominant Species Woodruff, SC
  154. Drits & Dravy New Orleans, LA New
  155. Drones - Need info on this Miami FL band
  156. Dr T and the Undertakers Florida band
  157. Druids Gainesville, Fl
  158. Dukes of York New Dublin, GA
  159. Dynamics Need info on this Oakland Park, Florida band
  160. Dynamics - Marianna, Florida
  161. Dynamics Auburndale, Florida
  162. Echoes Miami Florida band
  163. Earl Buick Band - Formed at Valdosta State College, Valdosta, GA.
  164. Eddie Middleton and NewSong - Major Christian band.
  165. Eddie Middleton and the Down Home Band - Albany and Valdosta, GA. Other bands include the Cierros, R C and the Moonpies, Peace Core.
  166. Eden Macon based band. Need info.
  167. Edifice Wrecks Monroe, GA. need pics and info
  168. E. Hall and the Hosemen - Ed Hall, Riley Rutland, Ricky Keller, Sam Greniker, Steve DeGange, Danny Spicer and the "Hose-ettes" dancing girls (Carol Sternbridge, Cindy Beck, Sharon Griffin Gandy). Need pics and stories.
  169. Eleventh Hour - Lantana, Florida
  170. Eli . Need info and pics.
  171. Emotions Jacksonville, Fl
  172. Englishmen Ltd. New Macon, Ga/Atlanta, Ga
  173. EPICS - From Brunswick, Ga. Some Glynn Academy guys and some Navy personnel from Glynco.
  174. Erge - Pompano Beach, Florida
  175. Escapades Memphis, TN New
  176. Escorts - Daytona Beach Florida band. Need pics and info.
  177. Eskays - From Baxley, GA.
  178. Esquires - Montgomery, Alabama
  179. Evil - Miami, Florida
  180. 5th Edition Need info and pics on this Hollywood Florida band
  181. Faux Pas - Waycross, GA band. We are looking for pictures of this band!
  182. Five Faces - Tifton, GA band.
  183. Five Miles High Savannah, GA
  184. Flagstone Need info on this band
  185. Flip Side Need info and pics
  186. Flood - These guys were huge in the Atlanta and Jekyll Island area, performing with the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd and doing live Rock Opera! This is beginning to tie a lot of bands together, so be sure and read all about them.
  187. Flow - Florida band. Need pica and info
  188. Foggs Jacksonville, Florida
  189. Fox & the Hounds College Park, GA
  190. Fred Hand Band - A Band from Alma, GA, another center of intense band activity during those heady days!
  191. Frodo and The Hobbits - Need info on this Bruknswick GA band
  192. Fugue - Need info on this band
  193. Furies - Doodle Faulk, Howard Jordan, Jimmy Johnson, Lloyd Brewer and Dusty Justice.  This was prior to the Doodle and Buddy Davis duo. Anyone with pictures please contact us.
  194. Game Great Miami Florida band
  195. Gang of Saints Adel, Ga. need pics and info
  196. Gants West Point, Georgia
  197. Gants Greenwood, Mississippi
  198. GAP Need info and pics on this Bradenton FL band
  199. Gas Company need info on this South Florida band
  200. Gay Blades - Douglas, GA band. Wendell later joined The Bushmen.
  201. Geekus Need pics and info on this Miami Florida band
  202. Gene and the Team Beats Martinsville, VA
  203. Generals Martinsville, Va.
  204. Glory Rhodes New Orleans, LA New
  205. Good Omens Atlanta, GA
  206. Good Reasons Need info on this Broward Florida band
  207. Green Lights - Florida Band
  208. Greenstone Ivy Lake Worth, Fl New
  209. Grinderswitch Warner Robbins GA
  210. GTO's Need pics and info.
  211. Guilloteens Memphis, Tennessee
  212. Gypsy's - Brunswick, GA. Two new pics!
  213. Halfways Manasas, VA New
  214. Hampton Grease Band Atlanta, Ga
  215. Hard Times - Birmingham, Alabama Updated
  216. Harris and the Sierras Green Cove Springs Fl. need pics and info
  217. Hazards Richmond, VA New
  218. Henchmen - Waycross, GA. We have the line up and a photo of the band!
  220. High Heel Flip Flops Valdosta, Ga
  221. Him and the Others - Orlando, Florida
  222. Hippopotamus South Carolina
  223. HitchHikers - Brunswick, GA. We have names! Still need pictures
  224. Hour Glass Formed in Jacksonville, Fl, band morphed into Allman Bros.
  225. House of Commons- Started off as The Band
  226. Hummingbird - Valdosta
  227. Hungri I's Daytona Beach, FL New
  228. Huns Hueytown, Alabama New
  229. Hustlers Need info and pics on this North Miami FL band
  230. Hydra Atlanta, Ga
  231. Illusions - Jacksonville, FL. Great picture! Updated
  232. Immortals need pics and info on this Hollywood Florida band
  233. Impacts need pics and info on this Tampa Florida band
  234. Imperials - Pictures and band member names!
  235. Individuals Halifax, VA New
  236. Infernos Eagle Lake, Florida New
  237. Initials - Another Valdosta,GA based band
  238. Inmates - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  239. Incidentals -Ocala, Fl.
  240. In-Crowd - Shreveport, LA New
  241. Infinite Baffle South Carolina
  242. Inn Crowd - Baton Rouge, LA New
  243. Inner Souls - Cairo, GA band with Mickey Thomas. Need pics and info.
  244. Inner Thoughts - Need pics and info on this Clearwater FL band
  245. Innovations - Charleston, SC New
  246. Instant White Boy - Need pics and info on this band
  247. Invaders - Need info and pics on this band Updated
  248. I-ron's - Valdosta, Ga band
  249. Ivey's League - Valdosta GA band
  250. J-Notes - Jacksonville, Fl
  251. Jades - Union City, TN New
  252. Jades - Lake City, Fl
  253. Jades Combo - Nashville, TN New
  254. Jaguars - Harry Aldridge's band before The Bushmen.
  255. James Gang - The Southern Band from Dothan, AL, not Joe Walsh's!
  256. Jesters - Athens, Georgia
  257. Jesters - Ft. Lauderdale, FL New
  258. Jets - Mickey Thomas, Eddie Middleton, Bud Thomas. We have a picturesof the Jets! Send more if you have them.
  259. Joshua Dyke A Tampa/ St. Pete/ Clearwater band
  260. Kallabash - Greensboro, NC
  261. Kamarhan Hot band from Jesup, Ga
  262. Kane's Cousins- They had a full-length album and singles. We have pictures. Anybody know their names?
  263. Katmandu Need info on this South Florida band
  264. Kemp and Hattaway - Valdosta band.
  265. Kenetics Nashville, TN New
  266. Keynotes Jacksonville, Fl
  267. Kidds - - Need info on this band
  268. Kidds Mississippi, need info New
  269. Kickin' Mustangs Ashland, KY/Huntington W VA New
  270. Kicks - Danville, VA
  271. King David and the Slaves - Jesup, GA. Randall Bramblett got started here! Check them out!
  272. king James and the Royal Jesters Point Pleasant, W VA New
  273. King James and the Royal Scepters Point Pleasant, W VA New
  274. Kingsnake Another hot band from Atlanta, GA
  275. Knights Birmingham, Alabama New
  276. Koko - Tampa, Florida
  277. Kolor Korporation - Leesberg, Florida
  278. K-Otics This Alabama band was the first to record Double Shot
  279. Krank - Rick Jacobs, Alva Dickerson, Had Davis, Tim Teasley and Billy Bruce.
  280. Lane's General Store - Need info on this band
  281. Lamar Collins and the Chashers- Toccoa, Hartwell, Georgia band
  282. Lawson and Four More Memphis, TN New
  283. Laymen Pensacolla Florida band New
  284. Legends Winter Haven, Florida New
  285. Lemon Twisters Need pics and info on the Jacksonville FL band
  286. Leslie Roebux Another Danville, VA band
  287. Liberation - Another Atlanta based band
  288. Light Brigade need info and pics on this Jacksonville Florida band
  289. Light Horse Harry - Need info on this band
  290. Lightnin' West Spartanburg, SC
  291. Limits - Atlanta, GA
  292. Little Bob and the Lollipops Lafayette, LA New
  293. Lonely Souls Need pics and info on this Clearwater, Florida band
  294. Looney Tunes - Waycross had a lot of bands! Need pics!
  295. Lords of London - aka Llords of London. Mickey Thomas, later of Jefferson Starship, Billy Corbi, Darryl Wood, Dan Vickers, Billy Folsom, Bob Hutchinson, Troy Blasingame and others... This band had a LOT of members over time!
  296. Lost Soul Virginia
  297. Lost Souls - Elon College, North Carolina
  298. Love Persephone Charlotte, NC
  299. Lovin' Kind Ashland, KY New
  300. Luke's Cabbage Store Warner Robbins, Ga New
  301. Lynks - Montgomery, Alabama
  302. Magic Circle Need pics and info on this Leesburg/Wildwood Florida area band
  303. Magnificent Seven Need info on this band from Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  304. Majestics band from Macon, GA
  305. Malemen Orlando, FL New
  306. Malibous Ft. Payne, Alabama
  307. Malibus- Out of Ft. Valley, GA. New! We need pics, names and stuff!
  308. Malibus- Eustis Florida band. Need pics and info
  309. MalibusJacksonville, Fl
  310. Mama's Boys Need info on this Eustis Florida band
  311. Mark V St. Petersburg, FL New
  312. Mark Seven Another Georgia band from Hawkinsville
  313. Mar-Teks Dothan, Alabama
  314. Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs - Lancaster South Carolina
  315. Maundy Quintet- Gainsville, Fl band with members going on to become members of The Eagles.
  316. Meat Department Hallandale Florida
  317. Melody Makers - need info
  318. Memphis Blazers - Memphis, Tennessee
  319. Memphis Charms Memphis, Tennessee New
  320. Merging Traffic - Need info onthis band
  321. Midway Centennial - South Georgia band. Mike Hattaway and Stacy Sirmans.
  322. Mike and the Dimensions Goldsboro, NC New
  323. Mike and the Hurricanes (AKA Sir Michael and the Sounds) Clearwater, FL
  324. Mind Garden - Jacksonville, FL. band. The roots of Molly Hatchet! New
  325. Minute Men - Need info on this band
  326. Missin' Links Showband - Middle GA band that's been in operation since '64!
  327. Mixed Emotion - Rock band from Alma, Ga with Nate Smith Updated
  328. Mixed Emotions Coden, Al New
  329. Modds - Need info on this Florida band
  330. Mojo Men - Valdosta band.
  331. Monarks North Carolina New
  332. Montana - Valdosta band. Pictures, members, 45 single!
  333. Mor-Loks Ft. Lauderdale, FL New
  334. Mose Jones Hot Atlanta, Ga band
  335. Mother's Finest The band from Atlanta that made it big
  336. Motion Atlanta, Ga
  337. Mouse and The Boys - Jacksonville, Fl. Later called Mouse - The Boys and Brass.
  338. Movers - Tampa, Fl band. Anybody have any more on this band?
  339. Movement Birmingham, AL New
  340. Mustangs Another Jacksonville Fl. band
  341. Myrchants of Time - Miami FL band. Need info on this one
  342. Mystics Need info on this band
  343. Natalie and The Final Touch - A Brunswick, GA band.
  344. Nation Rocking Shadows Leesburg, Fl.
  345. Nemo Splif need info and pics for this Florida band
  346. New Generation Spartanburg, SC New
  347. New Grooves Pascagoula, Mississippi New
  348. New York Square Library - Miami, FL band
  349. Nightcrawlers - Daytona Beach FL band
  350. Nite Owls Louisville, Kentucky New
  351. Night Walkeres Pelham, Ga
  352. Noah's Ark- Tampa, FL
  353. Noblemen Need info on this Clearwater Florida band
  354. Nobles - South Miami, Florida
  355. Noel Odom and the Group Shreveport, LA New
  356. Nomads need info on this Florida band
  357. Normalown Flyers Athens, Ga band
  358. NuTones Jacksonville Fl. band
  359. Eddie Middleton and Newsong-Award winning Contemporary Christian artist
  360. Old Days- Orlando, Fl.
  361. Omen and Their Luv Tuscaloosa, AL New
  362. One Percent Jacksonville, Fl
  363. Our Gang - We have identified everyone in the group picture! Check it out, and thanks Robert Cagle! Our Gang - From Waycross, GA, very popular in the area.
  364. Outcasts Ashland, KY New
  365. Outlaws Tampa, FL
  366. Outsiders Madeira Beach Florida band
  367. Orgone Zable - Valdosta, GA band made up of musicians from other bands.
  368. Oxfords Louisville, KY New
  369. Pacers Umatilla, Florida band. neeed pics and info
  370. Palmetto Bandstand need info on this Florida band
  371. Paloma Need info on this Key West Florida band
  372. Papa Joe and the Rest- Valdosta, Ga
  373. Paper Sun - Moultrie, Georgia band
  374. Paradox - From Fitzgerald featuring Keith Evans, Tony Tucker and Larry Butler.
  375. Peace Core Another Eddie Middleton band
  376. Pearl Laurens, SC
  377. Pebbles Need pics and info on this Tampa Florida band
  378. Penetrations Belton, S C New
  379. People's Choice Need info on this Florida band
  380. People's Will - Ocala, Florida
  381. Persuaders Need info and pics on this Hallandale Florida band
  382. Pete Butterfly's Allstars Gulfport, Fl (Tampa Bay Area)
  383. Phaedra Statesboro GA band.
  384. Phantoms - Tifton, Ga band. Song included! Listen!
  385. Phantoms Monroe, Ga Band
  386. Phase IV- A Fitzgerald GA band.
  387. Pieces of Eight Greenwood S.C. band who went onto form Swinging Medallions
  388. Pigeons Need info on this Miami Fl band
  389. Poker Alice Band - Vidalia, GA Band!
  390. Poppa Foxx Jesup, GA based band, formerly Southern Sounds of Soul
  391. Preceptors Fernandina Beach Fl.
  392. Preachers - Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  393. Predictions - Valdosta band.
  394. Promoters and Venues - A trip down memory lane
  395. Proprietors - Need info
  396. Prowlers Homerville, GA
  397. Purple Underground Need pics and info on this Winter Haven FL band
  398. Pyramid Need pics and info on this Miami Beach Florida band
  399. QB1 Atlanta, GA
  400. Ramrods Birmingham, AL New
  401. Randall Bramblett Band Athens Ga. (originally from Jesup, GA)
  402. Rare Breed Gainsvile, Fl New
  403. Raven' Blue Nashville, TN New
  404. Ravens Tampa Bay area band
  405. Ravens Jacksonville, Fl.
  406. Ravenstone Great band from Athens, Ga still together today
  407. R. C. $ the Moonpies-Another Eddie Middleton Band from Valdosta, GA.
  408. Rebelaires Waycross/Valdosta band
  409. Red Bartlett Band - Valdosta, Ga band
  410. REM Athens, GA. Another Athens band that made it big
  411. Regents Portsmouth, VA New
  412. Reggie Saddler Review - Check'em out!
  413. Remember Another Vidalia GA. band
  414. Renegade - Nate Smith bandf From Fitzgerald, GA.
  415. Reunion Valdosta band reunited. Formerly Shiloh
  416. Reverbs - on the site! From Alma, GA.
  417. Rick's Continentals - Meridian Mississippi Band. Updated
  418. Riots/Royals - Another Waycross band!
  419. Riviaires Mississippi band. Need pics and info New
  420. Rockin' Gibraltars Montgomery, Alabama
  421. Rocking Roadrunners Need info on this Sandford Fl band
  422. Rogues - Montgomery, Alabama--need pics and info
  423. Rogues Mercersburg, VA need info and pics New
  424. Rogue Show Shreveport, LA New
  425. Ron and the Starfires Aubundale, Fla
  426. Ronda and the Chessmen - Brunswick, GA.
  427. Roemans - Started in the garage and became Tommy Roes' backup band!
  428. Ross Pead Atlanta musician with Waycross connection
  429. Rovin' Flames Tampa, Fl New
  430. Rowe Brothers-Another popular Jacksonville band.
  431. Royal Guardsmen Ocala, Fl New
  432. Rubber Band Tennessee
  433. Rubberband Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  434. Rugbys Louisville, KY New
  435. Runaways - Evolved from the Aeonites in Brunswick.
  436. Rush - Need info on this N. Miami band
  437. Rustlers - Valdosta band lineup. We need pictures, etc!
  438. Sacred Irony Winston Salem, N C New
  439. Saints - Waycross band.
  440. Sam and Dave Ocilla, GA
  441. Sand Pipers Green Cove Springs Fl. Need pics and info
  442. Sand Trippers Ft. Pierce, FL New
  443. Satilla St. Simons Island, GA (formerly Flood)
  444. Satins Need info on this St. Petersburg Florida band
  445. Satisfied Minds Huntington, WV New
  446. Scavengers - Waycross band.
  447. Sebastian - Evolved from Tangerine - Valdosta.
  448. Scandals Need pics and info on this one
  449. Scandels - Any connection to the Scandals (above)?
  450. Scotlind Yarde Need info on this Hollywood Florida band
  451. Scoundrels Pensacola, Fl New
  452. Scratch Need pics and info on this band
  453. Scribes Rock Hill, SC New
  454. Second Coming Jacksonville, Fl. (NEED PICS AND INFO)
  455. Seeds of Time Need info on this Alabama band Updated
  456. Sensational Ends Eustice Florida Band
  457. Sensational Epics Blue-eyed soul band from Columbia, SC.
  458. Shades need pics and info on this Florida band
  459. Shades Nashville, GA band
  460. Shadows Valdosta GA band with Tom Odom and Jack Rowland
  461. Shadows Northport, Alabama band
  462. Shadows Tennessee band
  463. Shadows-M Blackstone, VA New
  464. Shadowood Another Valdosta, Ga band
  465. Shags - Miami Fl band.
  466. Shakin' Britches - Bud Thomas, Mickey Thomas. Need Pictures!
  467. Shambrells - Alabama band. Need pics and info
  468. Sheffield Brothers Band Florida band
  469. Shiloh - Valdosta State College band. (Originally called Blues Union.)
  470. Shiloh Vidalia GA band
  471. Silver Tones Homerville, Ga
  472. Situation Columbia, SC
  473. Sixpence- Band from Fort Valley, GA
  474. Skip and the Creations Colonial Heights, VA New
  475. Skunk Junction Tampa Bay, Florida
  476. Smoo's Barndance Atlanta, Ga
  477. Something of Mind - Mississippi
  478. Sound On Sound Grundy, Va New
  479. Sons of Bach Statesboro, Georgia
  480. Soul Division Birmingham Alabama
  481. Soul Invaders - Need info
  482. Soullmasters Danville,
  483. Soul Searchers Nashville, Tennessee
  484. Soul Searchers Neptune Beach, Fl New
  485. Soul Sensation- Soul band from Jesup, GA.
  486. Soul Survivors- Jack Ball, Jack Rowland, Troy Blasingame. We need pictures, etc. Please send'em to us!
  487. Soul Tenders Need pics of this Central Florida band
  488. Souls of the Slain New Orleans, LA New
  489. Sounds of Creation - St. Petersberg, Florida
  490. Southern Express - Valdosta Band. We have the line up, need pictures!
  491. Southern Sounds of Soul Waycross, Ga
  492. Space Gnome Waycross and Valdosta musicians team up
  493. Spades Winter Haven, Florida New
  494. Sparkles - Waycross band from the early sixties.
  495. Special Five need pics and info on this Golden Beach Florida band
  496. Spectres Monroe, LA New
  497. Spellbinders need pics and info on this Florida band
  498. Spryles - Need info
  499. Squiremen Four- Hot band from the Miami area.
  500. Squires - Montgomery, Alabama
  501. Squires IV-Need info on this band
  502. Star another Danville Va. band New
  503. Starbound Atlanta, Ga
  504. Starlites Nashville, TN New
  505. State of Mind Wiinter Park, FL New
  506. Stepping Stones- Warner Robins, Ga
  507. Sterlings-Ray City, GA
  508. Stillwater - Kathleen, GA or Warner Robins, GA
  509. Sting Rays Portsmouth, VA New
  510. Strange Bedfellows - Some awesome pictures here! UPDATE - New pictures!
  511. Strat-O-Tones-Need info on this band
  512. Stratus - Danville, Va
  513. Strawberry Birdcage - An Americus, GA. Band!
  514. Striking Resemblance - Brunswick band. Good pictures and news clippings. Check these guys out!
  515. String and the Beans Birmingham, Alabama band
  516. Stroke Band - Unusual Valdosta Band, to say the least! Check'em out!
  517. Subway A South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia band
  518. Sugarcreek - Need info on this band
  519. Summer Stock Panama City, Florida
  520. Suntower Another Athens, Ga band
  521. Sunny Beach St. Simon's Island, Ga.
  522. Surprise Tampa, FL New
  523. Swank Another Valdosta based band
  524. Sweetbriar - The first Country-Rock band from Waycross, GA
  525. Sweetwater Valdosta Georgia band with Tim Teasley
  526. Sweetwater need info on this Ft. Lauderdale Florida band
  527. Sweet Young Things Need pics and info for this Miami Florida band
  528. Sweet Younguns Atlanta, Ga
  529. Swweet Young'Uns Montgomery, Alabama
  530. Swingin Lamp Liters Birmingham, Alabama band
  531. Swinging Machine South Norfolk, VA New
  532. Swinging Medallions Monster band from Greenwood S.C.
  533. Swinging Nouvels South Carolina band
  534. System New Pelham, Ga
  535. Tamrons Concord, NC New
  536. Tangerine - Garage band formed in Valdosta in 1969.
  537. Target Atlanta, Ga
  538. Tasmanians - West Palm Beach, FL Updated
  539. Taxmen Madison, Tennessee new
  540. Teddy Bears - These guys were big - click to check out their standing on the Big Ape (WAPE) listing! Song clips for your listening pleasure!
  541. Teen-Beets Winston-Salem, NC New
  542. Tempests - St. Petersberg, Florida
  543. thebadseeds - The Bad Seeds Home Page - Our first Texas band! Welcome the Bad Seeds!
  544. The Band - Not Dylan's, this one pre-dated Bob's famous backing band. Valdosta, Ga.
  545. The House of Commons - Valdosta, GA band.
  546. The Woods - A Waycross, GA band. Here's the line up. Can anyone supply pictures, stories, what have you?
  547. Thingies - Miami, FL band. Need pics and info
  548. Thin Air - Valdosta, Ga band
  549. Thin Ice - A Valdosta, GA band from '75 - '76. We need pictures. Send'em if you have'em!
  550. Thirteen Orininal Screaming Niggers- Obviously not politically correct but this was one hot dance band in the 60s catering mostly to frat parties.
  551. Threshold of Sound New Orleans, LA New
  552. 13th Dimension - Eustis, Fl band. Need info on this one
  553. Tiny and the Surfers - A Jacksonville, Fl. band. We need pictures, musicians, info. etc.
  554. Toby King - Need info
  555. Tom and the Craftsmen Need info on this Miami FL band
  556. Tommy Burk & the Counts Memphis,TN New
  557. Topaz Savannah, Ga
  558. Torches - New! Valdosta, GA. band.
  559. Torkays Jacksonville, FL New
  560. Torne Paje need info on this Miami Florida band
  561. Torquays Birmingham, AL New
  562. Torques Lexington, KY New
  563. Toulouse - Tampa, Florida
  564. Toy Factory Spartanburg, SC
  565. Toys Jacksonville, Fl
  566. Toy Shoppe - Tampa, Florida
  567. Tremolos Shreveport, LA New
  568. Tresspassers need pics and info on this band
  569. Triangles Lexington, KY New
  570. Trix - from Valdosta, GA
  571. Tropics - Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fl. area
  572. Turning Image Manasas, VA New
  573. Tyrannies Abita Springs-need pics and info New
  574. Ultimate Reason - Brunswick, GA. band.
  575. Underground Uplift Miami FL band. Need pics and info
  576. Upper Hand need pics and info on this West Palm Beach band
  577. Us Four Louisville, KY New
  578. Valiants need info on this Miami Florida band
  579. Vandals Valdosta, GA New
  580. Velvet Haze Alexandria, Va New
  581. Venues See the "hotspots" where all the bands played
  582. Versatiles Mobile, AL New
  583. Vikings - A Florida band. We have pictures. Can anyone provide names?
  584. Vikings- Alabama band. Updated
  585. Vikings South Norfolk, VA New
  586. Visual Purple - Mableton, GA band
  587. VooDoos Birmingham,AL New
  588. Voxmen Toccoa, Ga New
  589. Wall of Sound - Later renamed DELTA. From Waycross and had 3 female lead singers! Pictures should be here soon!
  590. Wandering Souls - Waycross, GA. band. We have a picture! If you have other pics, stories or other info we would love to put it on the page!
  591. Wanderers - Homerville, GA.
  592. Wanderers - Brunswick, Ga band. Need info on this one
  593. Warlocks - We need pictures and info (lineups, etc.) Waycross, GA band (?)
  594. Watchmen Need info on this Hollywood Florida band
  595. Wedge - Valdosta, GA
  596. Weeds Central Florida band
  597. We're Just Your Imagination Tifton, Ga
  598. We The People Orlando, Florida
  599. Whatsits Maysville, Kentucky New
  600. What's Left Orlando, Florida
  601. Wheatstone Mission - A Statesboro, GA. band. Hoping to get these guys to do a reunion! Check it out!
  602. Widespread Panic Athens, Ga band that hit the big time.
  603. Wild Cherrys Hampton, VA New
  604. Wildflowers Need info and pics on this Florida band
  605. Wild Vibrashons Birmingham, Al Updated
  606. Wild Oats - Another Waycross band. Need pics!
  607. Willis Still Band Tifton, GA Band
  608. Words of Luv Winston-Salem, NC New
  609. World of Matter - Hialeah, Florida
  610. Wrong Numbers need info on this Mount Dora Florida band
  611. Year 2000 need pics and info on this Florida band
  612. Yo-Yos- Jacksonville, Fl. Looking for pics and info.
  613. Young Ages Charlotte, NC New
  614. Youngbloods - Waycross had a lot of bands, and this is another one of them!
  615. Younguns Atlanta, Ga
  616. Zapata - A Metal band from Valdosta, GA.
  617. Zapphire - Band from Valdosta, GA.
  618. Zephyrs Berkley Springs, W VA New
  619. Zeus Jacksonville, Fl
  620. Z-Max - Danville, VA
  621. Zzyfph - Fitzgerald, Ga band
  622. Another Nate Smith band. Pronounced Ziff. Does anyone have info and pics of this band from Fitzgerald, GA?


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