The Bad Seeds

Kilgore, Texas > Photograph of The Bad Seeds Band Members in 1968:  Skip Spoonts - Guitar, Mike Rushing - Bass, Larry Drennan - Vocals, Gene Gilstrap - Drums, Dennis Fehler - Keyboard, Allan Jansen - Guitar

TheBadSeeds are a garage / rock band formed by guitarist Allan Jansen in the fall of 1966 at Kilgore College, in Kilgore, Texas. Allan and college roommate and keyboardist Dennis Fehler immediately began the search for band members. Soon, Kilgore classmate and vocalist Larry Drennan joined Allan and Dennis and the beginning of the band formed quickly. During most of the fall of 1966 other Kilgore musicians auditioned but the band didn’t jell until McGregor, Texas High School classmates Skip Spoonts and Mike Rushing joined to play guitar and bass.

The band established their claim to fame, and actually made money, by throwing private parties and selling tickets in the region around Waco, Texas. In Ennis, Texas theBadSeeds performed at Sokol Hall and in McGregor, Texas at the Hermann Sons Hall (to name a few).  The Bad Seeds stopped performing in 1968, shortly after the Vietnam “Tet Offensive,” when three of the band members were called to serve their country.

After military service and college none of the band members lived in the same area, so there was never an opportunity to get back together.  At high school class reunions classmates encouraged theBadSeeds to perform one more time, but it never materialized. TheBadSeeds did not resume performing as a band until the spring of 2000 when Mike Rushing suggested the band should throw a big bash "live" at McGregor Hall [the old Hermann Sons Hall]. The first band reunion was so successful there were two more to follow. The three band reunions were titled Bad Seed Bash's [2000-2002] and featured musicians from the area including Rufus "Moon" Mooney, and Barry Byford.

TheBadSeeds currently play cover music by The Kinks, The Doors, The Animals, Wilson Pickett, The Rolling Stones, The Kingsmen, ZZ Top, Jonny Lang, Jimi Hendrix and many more. In addition to the cover music, theBadSeeds perform some original songs that reflect the youthful 1960’s and chronicle the 21st century with the sounds that are uniquely Bad Seeds. The Bad Seeds – Return is our current album that features sixteen of the best Bad Seeds sounds. > The Bad Seeds - Return album cover

The Bad Seeds - Return
1.  The 60's (2:53)
2.  TV2 (3:29)
3.  All Night Baby (3:04)
4.  Make Me Feel (2:26)
5.  The 4 Bar Blues (4:08)
6.  If I Had Known (3:25)
7.  Get It (2:48)
8.  Don't Know (3:12)
9.  Get In or Get Out (3:05)
10. Mad Dog Killer (2:59)
11. My Job (2:06)
12. Heaven (1:54)
13. More or Less (3:18)
14. Romeo (2:52)
15. You Won't Change (3:36)
16. Bo's Place (3:56)

TheBadSeeds band members are:  Allan Jansen – Guitar, Mike Rushing - Bass, Skip Spoonts - Guitar, David Toms - Drums, Ronnie Mahan - Vocals, Dennis Fehler - Keyboard, Larry Drennan - Vocals.  TheBadSeeds still perform [with all the founding members] for private parties and special events.

We hope you will find us online and enjoy our sound! > Copyright Earthuse Records 1966-2007


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