Mouse The Boys and Brass

The group was initially formed by members of another popular Jacksonville band, the Yo Yos.

These guys are a great Jacksonville, FL band and still rock! Learn all about them at their excellent new Web site:

Mouse The Boys and Brass


Mouse and The Boys at Riverside

Album cover of "MouseTracks"

A shot of Mouse and the Boys playing the American Legion Hall, Dublin, GA Summer of 1969.

Mouse and The Boys - Jacksonville, Florida.

Photographs and information: Courtesy of Lindsay Swida 2005.

The Boys are: Billy Harden (not shown), Maurice Samples, Pete Rowland, Frank Crumpler, Larry Dreggors, Jimmy Moore

The Boys play the Junior-Senior Prom at Waycross High School (GA) in 1968.

Junior-Senior Prom in Waycross Ga is a formal affair: so the Boys wore a tuxedo.

The boys are: Lester Langdale, Billy Harden, Ted Vaughn, Maurice "Mouse" Samples, Frank Crumpler, Jimmy Moore, Larry Dreggors


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Reunion photo


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I Feel Good

Xcedrin Headache #69


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