Tuscaloosa, AL

formerly: Magnificant Seven

The Magnificent Seven became the Rubberband with the single, "Let Love Come Between U", in 1966. The band were a nationally known band playing shows with some of the biggest bands around at that time, including: Sony and Cher, Roy Orbinson and others. The first version of the Rubberband faded out in 1968 and Tommy Stuart trademarked the name in 1969. Tommy became the lead singer for the first time in 1970 on Capitol's sub-label, 1, 2, 3. Several minor releases continuned, with the most notable song of the second version of the band being Hound Doog Man. Lenny LeBlank, Glen Campbell and Roy Orbison all had successful singles with the song.

Tommy Stuart:

The 66 version is the same 7 guys like in the signing photo of the Mag 7 but a better photo made after the name change & we're signing with Columbia as The Rubberband, from the Tuscaloosa News. FYI the little photo of the 4 piece Rubberband on the YouTube of the 1977 release of Hound Dog Man isn't really what the 76-77 band looked like but I didn't find a photo of us then, so I used a 1970 era photo, which was the same photo used in some Omen & Their Luv' things as The Omen & their Luv' was my band from 67 - 69 until we claimed my Trademark of The's all like a circle of people with band name changes.....all of this was Tuscaloosa stuff, hard to get the story right as bands change people a lot but there was a continuous thread of Rubberband, with many ups & downs, from 1966 through about 1990. Not much going on in the last several years.

Hound Dog Man

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