Winston Salem, N C

"One of the best rock bands in Winston Salem, North Carolina during the 1960s.  In addition to recording some demos--all originals--the band opened for Bobby Sherman and The Yellow Payges in 1970.  Vocalist and guitarist Chuck Dale Smith has played almost music genre imaginable since he was 13 years old and is still currently performing.   We played the hits of the day: 'Time Won't Let Me,' 'Kicks,' '96 Tears'... all the cool stuff! We played (songs by) The Box Tops, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Jimi Hendrix and soul hits of the day such as 'Soul Man.' "

"The band's sound was hard rock.  We were influenced by Steppenwolf, The Nazz, The Beatles and The Doors. The Winston Salem rock scene was fantastic in the 1960s. Older bands like The Teen Beats, The Vee Jays, and The Eradicators were an inspiration to the younger kids like us. There was a local bandstand show hosted by deejay Dick Bennick, the kiddie shows at The Carolina Theatre (where Elvis played in 1956), and the downtown A Go-Go club in the mid 1960s.  By the end of the decade, the main places to play were teen coffeehouses hosted by local churches along with the battle of the band shows. We played mostly Winston Salem and Greensboro and the neighboring counties and high school dances. Our biggest shows were the ones with Uni recording artists The Yellow Payges. We opened for them at The Carolina Theatre and also backed up Teen Idol Bobby Sherman at The Benton Convention Center show that also featured The Yellow Payges."


(courtesy 60sGARAGEBANDS)

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