What can we say about Doodle. To begin with, he started out in Fitzgerald, Georgia, where an interesting assortment of rock'n'roll and soul musicians seemed to originate. There are Dusty Justice, Buddy Davis and Jimmy Price to name a few. "Doodle" was a nickname given to Robert Irwin Faulk by his next door neighbor, in return for him calling her "Bumple" when they were small children. Doodle loved music and would record tapes of his songs just to give away to his friends. Doodle loved a good joke, and one of my favorites of his was this: Two drunks were crawling along a railroad track one evening and one of them complained to the other, "This is the longest staircase I have ever seen!", to which the second lush replied, "Yeah, but it's these damn low handrails that are kiling me!"

Doodle played in various bands across the state of Georgia, including the Strange Bedfellows and Jak of Diamonds, shown in the picture below:

Doodle teamed up with Buddy Davis (Buddy was a nickname for Alfred McKeever Davis. Apparently most musicians have nicknames) and recorded a vocal duo vinyl LP on the "Beverly Hills" label, named "Buddy Davis and Doodle Faulk - All Equipment Guaranteed". The went on the talk show circuit in promotion of the album and you could see and hear them every where for a time. Here is the album cover picture:

Doodle, LeRoy Van Dyke and Buddy Davis in front of their tour bus.

Doodle, LeRoy and Buddy and the members of LeRoy's band and crew. If anyone can supply names we would appreciate it. They apparently traveled with a dirt bike too.

Doodle and Buddy in what looks like a publicity photograph.

Buddy Davis and Doodle Faulk in the studio recording the "All Equipment Guaranteed" LP.

Doodle and Buddy between takes, studying sheet music.

Doodle, readying for a take in the studio.

Doodle in the studio. Maybe listening to a track.

We can definitely date this one because the photo is labled by the lab with May '67. This looks like it was taken in a hotel/motel room but it could be anywhere.

Two shots of Doodle with his band "The Strange Bedfellows", they are both dated the same month and year, May '67, as the picture above.

This is probably the Strange Bedfellows also, but if anyone can definitely id this photo and who the bass player is, please contact us so we can post the correct info. Bass player looks like Sam Willis.

The Furies

L-R: Lloyd Brewer, Jimmy Johnson, Howard Jordon and Doodle Faulk. Dusty Justice was also a member of the band at one point.

info courtesy of Andy Johnson, Jimmy Johnson's son

An excellent profile of Doodle in my opinion, this is how I remember him. This was probably taken of him in his Volkswagen beetle.

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That's Doodle on the right. Woody Woodall on the left, Tabby Crab - Piano player in the middle and that's Sam upside down. I would guess Crystal Lake near Fitzgerald, GA, but that is just a thought. The date on the photo is Jun '67.

Photographs - Courtesy of Doodle's daughter Melissa. Thanks, Melissa!


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