Gulfport, Fl. (Tampa Bay area)

This was a blues band formed in 1971 in Gulfport, Fla. (Tampa Bay area) Original members consisted of : Mark Schiano(vocals), Charles (Chick) Atchison (drums) , Charles (C.W. Moss) Williams (lead guitar) Tom (T.C.) Carr (harmonica), Steven Schiano (Bass) Tom Smith (Guitar). 

What set this band apart from most in the area at that time was their original hard driving harmonica and guitar based blues sound in a time when not many bands could earn a living playing original blues. They were an extremely popular live band and played statewide.They recorded 8 original tracks but the songs were never released. 

Management was by Vander Cecil inc. (Tampa,Fl.) They were on the bill with Jimmy Buffet for his infamous "Lovely Cruise" boat party in '76 and like the Allman's played benefit concerts at Florida universities for Jimmy Carters successful presidential run also in 1976.

Some of the former members were Jerry (Jake) Hobby (guitar) , The Late Great..Henry Burke (piano). Donald (O.B.) Obeirne (harmonica).       

(pics and info courtesy Charlie Williams)

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