Fernandina Beach, FL.

The band played from 1967-1969. Guitarists were Tom Hord and Jimmy Peacock; Bass was Bill Miller; Organ was Mike Kelley; Drums was Paul Achrantz; Lead Vocals was Robbie Gray. Like many bands whose members were in highschool at the time, money was scarce. The band had to make do with Silvertone guitars right out of the Sears catalog instead of Fenders and Gibsons. The amps wern't much better (Kent and Kalamazoo). The Preceptors was the house band at the Sub-Teen Club in Fernandina, a place for people up to the age of 13 or 14. The band played dances in Fernandina and Jacksonville durring 1967-69. The group had a one hit wonder song that was recorded on tape only and played by the local 5000 watt Fernandina station. The title was Sick of Society and gained the local number one spot for one week. The "hip" DJ for the station wanted to dress the band members in "Tom Jones" shirts to propel HIM to fame. The Preceptors wouldn't hear of it. The band patterned itself after the Stones so they had no interest in conformity. Jimmy Peacock and Tom Hord still "jam" together today, and when they get together that 1968 sound sneaks right back where it was as they both "jam and grin".

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