Montgomery, Alabama

The group morphed from another group known as The Squires.

A few of the members continued in different groups over the next few years. Bozeman (on Hammond organ), after the summer of 1967 playing fake books at Antonio's Lounge with trumpeter Doug Pouncey and a tenor player remembered only as "Ace," joined with Sonny Greer (vocals and formerly of the Rockin' Gibraltars) to form a successful club band (The Esquires) with Ray Goss (bass) and George McCain/Pal Given/Jimmy Dinkins (drums). The foursome covered top 40, R&B, and a lot of 4 Seasons material. The Esquires only played one location (Coliseum Lounge) for a year. The Esquires remained together until fall 1968 when Bozeman moved to Atlanta. Rod Henley formed the In Crowd (with his brother and a young guitarist, Tommy Shaw (later of Styx fame). Rod, a superb musician, went on to become one of the 4 Freshmen for a period of time. Sonny Royal played sax on some of the great Fame Studio sessions in north Alabama but tragically died in the late 1960s. Errol Dee performed with an excellent club trio but eventually abandoned the music business, as did most other members.

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