Mojo Men

Members were Buzzy Bowers on drums, Richard Rykard on guitar, Tex Mullis on guitar, Warren
Johnson on horn, and Danny Bryson on vocals and Perry Baskin on bass. The Mojo Men played at various venues
in south Georgia wearing blue and yellow striped jeans with a yellow
turtleneck shirt. Their most exciting event was playing during intermission
for the VHS Beta club talent show in 66 or 67.

British bands were big at the time and The Mojo Men had the appearance and tunes of a British band. The way the young girls screamed and carried on you would have thought The Mojo Men were the Rolling Stones!

Mojo Men Bus Card

Business Card Courtesy of Buzz Bowers - 2007

Photograph Courtesy of Joe Mullis - 2007

Information Courtesy of Perry Baskin - 2005, Joe Mullis - 2007 and Carole Ausum - 2007

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