Hialeah, Florida


Band started in 1967 because Danny Hertlein's dad couldn't get him into sports so he decided to keep the guys off of drugs by being their manager. It worked for a while anyway. The band became one of the premier cover bands in the South Florida area. Recorded an original called No Such Thing.  

Danny Hertlein - Drums
Dennis Sierra - Guitar
George Carbonell - Bass/Vocals
Steve Argy - Bass/Vocals
Kenny Combs - Keyboards
Bob Gieger - Keyboards
Felipe Rodriguez - Percussion
Randy Beach - Vocals
Mike Holland - Vocals
Robert Duarte - Percussion/Sax/Vocals

Santana. Three Dog Night. Many Others.

Setlist Sample:
I'm Your Puppett, Family of Man.

Ludwig Drums, Hammond B-3, LesPaul SG, Fender Jazz Bass.

Rehearsal Space:Danny's House where his father (manager) built a rehearsal room.

Band Vehicles:
Chevelle van

Best Gig:
The Button in Ft. Lauderdale. The women. Pure and simple.

Gig from Hell!:
Benefit for the mentally handicapped. Figure it out.

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