Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Just friends and neighbors who got together to jam. The Inmates (for that locked in sound) transformed into the Bachs Topps before the real group with different spelling came along. None of them knew music really but had a blast learning just enough songs to make fools of themselves. They are great memories and still a conversation piece.

Mike Cicci - Lead Guitar
Alan Pope - Rhythm Guitar
Skitch Davis - Bass
Bobby Rocello - Drums
Dennis Parker - Vocals

Beatles, Stones

Setlist Sample:
Susie Q, Paint it Black, Last Time, Ticket To Ride

2 Gibson Sl Guitars, Silvertone amp, homeade amp. A mixed bag of tricks obviously.

Rehearsal Space:
Living rooms, park pavilions

Band Vehicles:
Mom and dads cars

Best Gig:
Oakland Park Skating rink because our name was on the marquis.

Gig from Hell!:
Oakland Park Lions Club... too much of an age difference. After the 3rd song they paid us and nicely asked us to leave.

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