Miami, Florida

The band began as a folky-teenage angst blend of Dylan and the Yardbirds, that lasted about a week. From there to English R&B to whatever the band became. Drummer Jeff Allen made frequent trips to England, where he picked up the latest releases. Subsequently EVIL used to cover tunes by The Pretty Things, Fairies, Move, Downliner's Sect etc, before most of their counterparts had heard of them. The guy who knows all this is the drummer Jeffrey Allen, the single reason for the band'sfame.

First Lineup
Stan Kinchen - lead guitar
Al Banyai - rhythm guitar
Doug Romanella - drums
Larry O'Connell - bass
John Doyle - lead Singer
Second Lineup
Jeff Allen - drums
John Dalton - rhythm guitar
John Doyle - vocals
Mike Hughes - bass
Stan Kinchen - lead guitar

Fender Amps, Fuzz Tone, Country Gentleman, Dan-Electro, Les Paul

Rehearsal Space:
A Movie Theater on Saturday and Sunday mornings, that was cool. Their parents NEVER let them practice in the garage, or the house.

Band Vehicles:
MGTD, Bugeyed Sprite, Studebaker Golden Hawk, Barracuda, 54 Chevy

Best Gig: First One/Gig from Hell!:First One

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