Prattville, Alabama


Left to Right: Randell Lee, Daryl Harper, Payton Ovenington, Chris Lee and Wes Cockran

"DYNASTY", based out of
Prattville, Alabama. The members are: Chris Lee, lead singer, Randell
Lee, drums, Daryl Harper, rhythm guitar, Wes Cockran, lead guitar, and
Payton Ovenington bass guitar. This band was active during the early
80's around the area, and had many followers. Music ranged from oldies,
to original music. Chris wrote an original titled, "You've Become A
Stranger", which has generated some interest by national recording
artist. Daryl Harper, and Randell Lee both continue to write and
preform. Payton has retired, and sadly Wes has passed away. Thanks to
all our fans for their support, and for all the memories...


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