Tom Crain - Guitar
Barnie Evers - Bass
Bart Graves - Hammond B3
Steve Maxwell - Drums
Tom Groover - Sax
Richard Cannon - Trumpet
Chip Curley-Vocals

Chip and Tommy working on echoplex

Vandy frat party

Soul & British

Setlist Sample:
Soul Man, Midnight Hour, Summertime

Fender Amps, Bogen PA Amp, JBL Speaker Boxes, Echoplex, Hammond B3, Ludwig Drums, Shure Mics

Rehearsal Space:
Anybody's garage

Band Vehicles:
U-Haul and 64 Ford Station Wagon

Best Gig:
Vanderbilt Frat Houses. They were too drunk to tell if we were out of tune.

Community Center Basement...had to lug B3 and 2 Leslie Tone Cabinets down stairs

Bart Graves on Hammond B3

Barney Evers, Bass
 & Tommy Crain, Guitar

Vandy frat house

Phil Maxwell, drummer for the Shadows, Fairlanes, King James and the Sceptors, Chessmen, Continentals and Canned Soul,
& Julie Goldstein

Tommy Crain and Judy Baum

Phill maxwell, drums

Chip Curley, vocals

Pete Zimmerman, drums

Bill Davidson, drums

Kinny Cosner, drums

Tom Groover, sax, Chip Curley, vocals, Hillsboro High School Dance in 1968

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