Montana 1976  (left to right)  Had Davis  (vocals & harmonica), Rick Elzey (vocals & drums), Scott Pearlman (bass guitar), Mike Hamby (vocals & guitar), Jerry Newman (vocals & guitar & steel)

The original Montana had Jay Taylor on drums. Jerry joined later so Rick took over on drums

Montana promo pack cover

Billy Bruce in his Montana Daze

Scott Holton on fiddle with Montana. Scott went on to play bluegrass with Thin Ice musicians Andy Patterson, Marty Wilson, Imrie Anderson and James Rowe.


Instant White Boy  1974, formed by members of Montana. (left to right)  Jon Pearlman (vocals & guitar), Scott Pearlman (vocals & bass) , Don Layman ( vocals & guitar), Jerry Fiveash (drums)


Scott Holton on fiddle and Mike Hamby on guitar

David Williams clowns for the cameras

Jerry Newman on Keyboard

Hamby and Henderson Pickin' and Grinnin"

The Impacts  1968  (left to right)  Jon Pearlman, Steve Mullis, Scott Pearlman, Steve Mangum   note that Jay Mullis was in the band but not in photo. I remember that we played the Valdosta junior high talent show intermission because I (Scott Pearlman) was only in the 6th grade, so we were ineligible for the contest.


Montana record recorded at Eastern Studios Valdosta 1976

Billy Bruce and Mike Hamby

Billy Bruce and Mike Hamby

Fire on the Mountain

Mountain Music


- In Memory of Mike Hamby -

This photograph was taken at Mike Hamby's funeral in April 2005--shows everyone who attended who had something to do with the band. Most shown are musicians--I think every drummer Montana ever had is in there--Dale Durden, Billy Bruce, Merle Thompson, and is it Rick Spivey? He was the first or second drummer. Jeff Hamer ran sound for awhile--he's in there. David Williams and Jerry Newman played guitars and sang--Jerry played pedal steel. Mike Hamby's son is second from the left with the cowboy hat on.

Mike Hamby: R I P


Montana Reunion in Valdosta, GA at the City Market for First Friday on November 7th

The band's last performance.

Montana rocks the house at the City Market

L-R: Rick Elzy, Jerry Newman, Had Davis, Scott Pearlman, and David Williams.

Rick Elzy on keyboards


Scott Pearlman on guitar

Jerry Newman on steel guitar

David Williams on guitar

Jerry Newman and Had Davis blend vocal parts

The house was packed. Old timers who used to follow Montana were there: younger folk who just like good music were there. Everyone enjoyed the final performance of Montana.

L-R Rick Elzy, Jerry Newman, Scott Pearlman, Had Davis

Other photos contributed by Kim Johnston below

Tim Teasley joins Montana on keyboard, Scott Pearlman on bass, Dale Durden on drums and Jerry Newman on steel guitar

Scott Pearlman chats with a fan while the band is on break

Rick Elzy smiles for the camera

David Williams sings a tune

Scott Pearlman on resonator guitar

Had Davis with his trademark harmonica

Dale Durden, one of the best drummers to come out of the Valdosta area

Jerry Newman on steel guitar

Jerry Newman getting ready to "pick" a tune on the mandolin as Had Davis ponders the lyrics

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