Laurens, SC

Crossroads, circus and pearl were all basically the same guys thru the years. Magic attic in myrtle beach, nightclubs and college frat parties !  During the summer of playing at the magic attic in 1973 or 1974 Alabama was downstairs at the Bowery and ask if our drummer would be interested in auditioning for the job ?  Well the drummer felt it was a insult and laughed to go down and play in a smokey honkie tonk but jeff cook and randy Owen did make the offer and our drummer refused but they found another guy to audition and the rest as they say is history. I think 1975 was when Alabama had their first hit "feels so right".  Oh well ...ifa....coulda.....woulda..... We also played as a pre band for Percy sledge at the black steer steak house in Spartanburg, South Carolina 
The band was from Laurens, South Carolina  


Pics courtesy Jim Cooke

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