Gainesville, FL

Rhythm guitarist Jim Albright and Jerry Shell were members of the Gainesville, Florida band "The Trojans" in 1965 - 66.  Jim was a student at the University of Florida and Jerry was in the University of Florida Law School.

In the summer of 1966, seeking a better band, they assembled the "Better Half", recruiting drummer David (Lefty) Wright from the "Druids", saxophonist/keyboardist John (Soupy) Sauls, bassist Wayne (Whip) Whipple and lead vocalist Dick (Pud) Wibblesman, all from other local bands.  So they took "the better half" of about four other bands to form the "Better Half"!

They had a successful run during the 1966 - 67 school year, playing mostly frat gigs, quite a few at the Kappa Sig house, where the photos were taken by David Wright.  In the top right photo, left to right: John Sauls, Jim Albright, Jerry Shell, Wayne Whipple and Dick  Wibblesman.

Because males students were not allowed to wear long hair in the various local educational institutions, John, Jerry, Wayne and Dick went up to Jacksonville and had wigs made professionally.  In early May, 1967, Jerry graduated from Law School, and Wayne graduated from the University of Florida and they both sadly moved on to the real world.  The band continued for a few months until David and Jim Albright formed formed "The Brothers Grymm".

Jerry is still a professional musician, at the age of 75, having retired from his law practice - and he continued playing gigs when he practiced law, but he plays keys now.  All of them have been in touch over the last few years, but as far as Jerry knows he is the only of of them who is still a professional musician.  Jerry's fondest memories of Gainesville are the amazing music scene that was there and his time playing guitar in the great "Better Half"!

David "Lefty" Wright: drummer/vocals

pics and info courtesay David: monarchproductions

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