The original group consisted of Jeff Smith, Drums, Freddie Landrum on lead guitar, Stacy Sirmans, Hammond organ, who later played with Mike Hattaway in The Predictions, Steve Smith, Jeff's brother played lead guitar, C.F. Sirmans (Stacy's brother) on guitar and bass, and Berrian Sutton played rhythm guitar.  This band originated in Valdosta, GA under the name of Mosiah. The group disbanded in 1972. The band moved to Athens, Ga (GO DAWGS). They booked under the name of Midway Centennial. The Sirmans brothers were both from Pearson, GA.  Bob Hutchinson, the group's first bass player in 1976, and Mike Hattaway both played with the group.  Freddie joined this band in Athens when Steve and C.F. left the group. Great vocal band!  When Berrian, Freddie and Stacy harmonized the sound was astounding. When Bob left the group, Stacy began to play a keyboard bass.  Mike Hattaway continued on drums.  The group recorded a 45 RPM record in Nashville in 1974 and another one at an Atlanta studio about this same time.  Mike Hattaway played on one of these. 

Midway Centennial played basically cover songs that included CCR, The Doobie Brothers, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Eagles, etc. The trademark of the band was "Southern Rock", mostly The Allman Brothers. The group stayed very busy playing at least twice a week for years, mostly at U. S. Armed Forces bases, fraternity houses and high school proms. They played all over the southeast.

Information Courtesy of Mike Hattaway and Jeff Smith who currently resides in Athens, GA

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