The band is "The Daybreakers", which was formed in Orange Park approximately in 1966.  They performed together at numerous locations throughout the Jacksonville and surrounding areas in the state until they graduated from high school, which was approximately 1971.  However, three of the members did continue to persue a career in music.   The band members were Ronnie Mobley, Paige Matherson, Buddy Frisbee, Jim Plato, Kip Brantley, and Wanda Roberson.  Ronnie, rhythm guitar and vocals, Paige, lead guitar, Buddy, keyboards, Jim, bass, Kip, percussion and Wanda, lead vocals.  Approximately early 1968, Mack McCormack replaced Kip on percussions.  Kip Brantley and Mack McCormack and I went to the same high school. Ronnie Mobley and Buddie Frisbee did a great staged-fight during one of their tunes while strobes flooded the stage.


Pics and info provided by Mike Bordeaux

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