Sebastian of Valdosta formed in 1970 after Tangerine changed bass players from Harry Schoemberg to Ted Crawford. Shown here are from left, Ted Craford on Fender bass, Benny Freeman on Gibson SG, David Williams with Buddy Holly glasses and Kustom amp (not sure about the guitar), and Billy Bruce on Tempro drums. "We were playing at the Moody Air Force Base Youth center where Benny's version of Jimi Hendrix's version of The Star Spangled banner caused Sgt. Lefartha to kill the power to the building--and then he provided a very testy scolding to us when he turned the lights back on!" - Billy Bruce

(Very cool. Always loved Kustom rolled and pleated amps. David Williams, with the Buddy Holly glasses, long hair and low-slung guitar looks like the prototype for The Ramones! Very punk! - Dave)

Billy Bruce is still rocking.

Benny Freeman

Benny Freeman - 1977 - Valdosta, GA.

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