Danville, VA

 The band played the southeast as well with an occasional
                   trip to Florida, Mississippi, Alabama. Group was unique: no guitar player!.
                   Line up was 2 keyboard players, 2 drummers, ( one doubled on Coronet)
                   electric bass, & reeds. All members did vocals. Band played everything from
                   Argent to Sly Stone, Tower Of Power, Gary Wright and even Jeff Beck. Also,
                   played a medley from the rock opra Jesus Christ Super Star that was always
                   a crowd pleaser. Band was formed in 1976.

Kicks Band members: Curt Abbott-Drums, Coronet & Vocals
                                     Bill Adams- Keyboards
                                     Danny Haymore-Drums & Vocals
                                     Doug Hyler-Sax, Flute & Vocals
                                     Alan Rowe-Electric Bass & Vocals
                                     Waine Ryan-Keyboards & Vocals

                                     Sound & Lights: Adrian Moore

 L-R: Waine Ryan, Alan Rowe, Doug Hyler, Curt Abbott in the back & Bill Adams 

Pic courtesy Wayne Brumfield-Brumfield Studios

- L-R: Bill Adams, Danny Haymore, Waine Ryan, Curt Abbott, Alan Rowe (back)

Pic courtesy Wayne Brumfield-Brumfield Studios

 L-R standing: Alan, Curt, Doug & Bill. kneeling: Waine

pic courtesy Karen Abbott  

info courtesy Alan Rowe

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