Nashville, TN band

Charlie McCoy, Vocals, Bass & Brass
Wayne Moss, Guitar
Kenny Buttrey, Drums
John Sturdivant, Baritone Sax
Bill Aikins, Piano & Trumpet
Wayne Butler, Trombone
and later Mac Gayden, Guitar

The Escorts were the busiest band in Nashville during the 60's. They played gigs in Printer's Alley, and for a while, around 1962, they even operated their own teen club, The Sack, next to East High School on Gallatin Road. 
They played all the high schools and Teen Clubs and were in great demand.

They were truly a show band with great licks. Charlie McCoy would play multiple instruments at the same time and the band was as tight as it gets. Members went on to be sought after studio musicians. Charlie McCoyrecorded 28 albums in the last 32 years, many albums featuring his harmonica. Guitarist Wayne Moss founded Area Code 615 and Barefoot Jerry in the early 70's. He currently operates Cinderella Studio in Madison, TN.

Charlie McCoy
16 years old with his Gibson Les Paul (Fretless Wonder) Recorded for Cadence Records
Had his first hit, Cherry Berry Wine (Rock)


Charlie McCoy

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