Pelham, GA

The system formed in 1967 and continued to perform until around 1969, playing the South Georgia area. Members, L-R were:

Ricky Reese, saxaphone; Milton Willis, Hofner Cavern bass; David Hayes, Ludwig drums; Lee Willis, brown neck Fender Telecaster.

Picture above was from a battle of the bands contest at the Village Gates in Albany, Ga. The contest was judged by members of The Strange Bedfellows, a South Georgia favorite band. The System won the contest by playing a number of songs from the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's album. Lee later became a member of Paper Sun and other bands. The System spent a lot of time whth the Candymen at the Bowl in Moutrie, GA.

ALSAC benefit at the Barracks in Pelham, GA.

In this photo bottom right clockwise:

Milton Willis – Bass

Ricky Reese – Saxophone

Lee Willis – Lead Guitar

Unknown- ALSAC Queen that year

David Hayes – Drums

(pics and info courtesy Billy Chism)

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