Monroeville, Alabama

"At shows they played alongside the Rubber Band, the K-Otics, the Phaetons and the Rockin' Gibralters. In an interview with Mike Dugo, Craig Weidenheimer spoke about live shows: "We played fraternity parties, bars (even though we were under age), and school dances but mostly we went from town to town with our record and paid the local DJ's to play our record. To get them to do it sometimes we would go in and play live to help promote the record. It was something to get on the radio and then everyone wanted to hear live bands. So we would rent an Armory or VFW hall and put up posters that we were coming to town (like the circus) and sometimes we could get large crowds. There was not much else to do.

"In 1966 they went into a studio in Montgomery usually used for recording jingles. The band cut two original songs by Mike Lewis, recording live with two vocal mics and doing about three takes for each song."


(update courtesy garagehangover)

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