Blueridge, GA

The band played every Saturday night at one the two Teen Canteens in Blue Ridge, Ga., and

CopperHill, Tenn. They PACKED the place EVERY GIG !

Their biggest event, was opening for PaulRevere and the Raiders and Brian Hyland

in Atlanta at the Merchandise Mart.

First Original Band :

Skip Mckinney - Bass

Johnny McKinney - Guitar

Roger Mull - Drums

Danny Davenport - Guitar

Second Variant :

Danny Davenport - Guitars, Organ, Vocals

Ronnie Thomas - Guitar, Vocals

EddieQueen - Bass, Guitar, Organ, Vocals

Tony Matthews - Bass

Ted Christopher - Drums


Third Variant :

Danny Davenport - Guitar, Organ, Vocals

Eddie Queen - Bass, Guitar, Organ, Vocals

Bobby Ferguson - Bass, Vocals

Larry Patterson - Drums

Danny Postell – Guitar

The second variant recorded their

very first session in a real studio,

Master Sound Studios in Atlanta,

and they came away with two songs:

" Don't Pick on Me" an

" The Way it Was" 

The third variant of the Blazers produced

their only album project which was financed

by the local Jaycees. There were only

1,000 of these printed and they are quite

rare now.

Check out the website: Blazers


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