New Orleans, LA

Left to right: John Laviolette, Ronnie Tallent, Sal Serio and Allan Johnson
A later lineup of the group with what looks to be an acetate record.


 Frank Spencer and John Laviolette

from left: Sal Serio, Ronnie Tallent, Frank Spencer and John Laviolette

Ronnie Tallent and John Laviolette

John Laviolette on bass with Ronnie Tallent behind the drums

Their first 45 in January of 1966 covers the Animals' "I'm Gonna Change the World", with "Stay Out of My Way" on the flip.

The second, features two originals: Greg Nobile's "Not that Kind of Guy" along with "Gonna Be Somebody".

Their next 45, on the related White Cliffs label, featured two covers, "One Track Mind" and "Run for Your Life".

The band had a brief appearance in a schlocky 1967 feature, Hot Thrills and Warm Chills.

(courtesy garagehangover)

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