Carrollton, GA

8-Up with Soul was a blue-eyed soul band based in Carrollton, GA from 1967 to 1969. It traces its roots to the Keystones beginning with members: Mack McClendon (drums), David Schoerner (organ), Tommy Thomasson (bass), and Chip Suddeth (vocals). Later Mark Nixon replaced David Scheorner (organ) and Dwain Word (guitar) was added. At the end of 1967, the Keystones lost Chip Suddeth in a tragic car accident and added Frankie Jordan (vocals) and Richard Holloman (drums) from a group called the Sultans. A pair of Trumpet Players, Bink Dawson and Mike Pope, completed the first lineup of the band.

The band was accepted by Jay-Bee Artists and Promotions (Johnny Bee) and traveled to bookings over the state of Georgia. During this period the band reorganized and the members at various times included: Danny Crook (last new member to join the group-trumpet), Bink Dawson (trumpet), George Fairchild (organ), Tommy Holcombe (trumpet), Mike Huey (drums), Frankie Jordan (vocals), Dave Roberts (guitar), James Street (bass), Rett Waller (tenor sax), his brother Carter Waller RIP (alto sax) (Carter came from the Alfonzo and the FABULOUS Bootleggers band), and Dwain Wood (guitar). The band dissolved in 1969.

Notable members from 8-Up with Soul included Bink Dawson and Mike Huey who both later played in the Swinging Medallions. Mike Huey remained in the music profession in Los Angeles and achieved success earning 28 Gold/Platinum Top Ten Awards as a drummer and producer. Mike performed with a who's who list of well known artists including Tommy Roe, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Juice Newton, Etta James, and Lindsey Buckingham, and many others. Mike Huey's achievements and contributions are too numeroous to list but can be found at this link: Mike Huey

(logo at top of page from drumhead by Mike Pope)

(info. and pics courtesy Dave Roberts)

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