Winter Haven, Fl

The Legends were a loose group of Winter Haven, Florida area musicians who played teen centers, sock hops, teen clubs and battles of the bands from roughly1961 to 1963. Originally the group was anchored by: Gram Parsons (lead vocal and rhythm guitar), Jimmy Stafford (lead guitar), Jim Carlton (stand up bass) and Lamar Braxton (drums).

The Legends (as a group) never made it big but earned a decent living for a high school band, getting plenty of work, both in and out of town. Gram's social connections also gave the combo access to the Country Club circuit around the state. It was also a prestigious group in that they were the first area band to have their own transportation. Instead of loading up the family station wagon with guitars and amps, the Legends had a Volkswagen bus (bought by Gram's step-father) with the group's logo painted on it's sides.


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