Manassas, VA


Dennis Bailey on Trombone/Allan Johnson & Linda Hixson on vocals

Michael Hadder on Drums and Sharon Stacy dancing

Linda Hixson on keyboard, Gene Thompson guitar and vocals

Gene Thompson/Ric on sax, Dennis on bass

Michael Hadder drums/ Ric maracas

Band members:

Gene Thompson : lead guitar, occasional drums & vocals
Larry Hixson : guitar & vocals
Michael Hadder : drums, occasional guitar & vocals
Tommy Griffith : lead vocals , keyboards & occasional bass
Allan Johnson : lead vocals & guitar, percussion
Linda Hixson : vocals, keyboards, percussion & dancer
Sharon Stacy : vocals, percussion & dancer
Mark Krebs : trumpet
Dennis Bailey : bass, trombone, occaisonal guitar & vocals
Clay Johnson : keyboards & vocals
Bob Newell : trumpet
Tom Tierney : sax, flute & clarinet , guitar, percussion & vocals
Billy Bowden : trumpet & percussion
Larry Goodman : roadie & drum tech
Tommy Dever : roadie & van driver

The band later became the Turning Image

pic #1: L to R: Gene Thompson, Tommy Griffith & Michael Hadder

pic # 2: L to R, bottom row: Dennis Bailey & Billy Bowden, top row: Tommy Griffith, Michael Hadder, Tom Tierney & Gene Thompson

(courtesy GARAGEHANGOVER and 60sgaragebands)

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