The Road Agents

Based in Montgomery, Alabama, the Road Agents were:

Mike Whittington - Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals

Chet Pebworth - Rhythm Guitar and Backup Vocals

Steve Garret - Drums and Percussion

Bill Garret - Bass Guitar.

Later members in the second Road Agents were:

Chet Pebworth - Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals

Butch Porterfield - Drums and Percussion

Mike Blevins - Lead Guitar

Bill Mosley - Keyboards.

The Road Agents were a Good Times Party Band!

1963 - 1966 were some of the greatest years of our young lives. We all had a great love for music.

"Mike Whittington, our first lead guitar was very gifted and was instrumental in making musicians out of us. We may not have had the best equipment, but people really enjoyed our Good Time Party music. We even had one TV appearance. We were fortunate enough to have Bill J. Moody of WBAM Radio help us."

Chet Pebworth 2018

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