Concord, NC

Band members:

Lloyd Pettus lead guitar; Robert Walters rhthm guitar; Ted Pettus drums (original members who formed the band). Originally known as the Night Raiders. Later members included Keith Stacy, bass guitar and Phill walters organ.

The band performed a number of Paul Revere and the Raiders tunes. They also played a lot of the "battle of the bands" contests. The group did a number of original tunes written by Robert and Lloyd. The Tamrons later added a horn section that changed the basic sound of the band. The new horn section included Eddie Coble on sax, John Sherril on trumpet and Rick Nash on trumpet. The band began to perform some soul/R&B tunes including Hold On I'm Coming, Midnight Hour and Monkey Time.

(Courtesy 60sGARAGEBANDS)

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