Valdosta, GA

Crossroads was a band that migrated to Valdosta from I believe, Alabama, brought here by a drummer named "Wolf" and bassist Eddie Chadwick in the early to mid 1980s. The late Mike Hamby of Valdosta and David Williams, guitarists for Montana, joined up after Montana split up. Then Billy Bruce joined to replace Wolf on drums after Wolf suffered a concussion when he fell off his scooter. The band enjoyed a long running successful house run five days a week at the former Rum Keg Lounge on I-75 across the street from the Holiday Inn at what then was the Howard Johnsons Hotel. The Rum Keg is no more and another chain bought the hotel. David and Billy were playing whilst earning bacehlor degrees at Valdosta State University. Photos show the band playing at the Rum Keg, on a Spring Break gig on Captiva, Florida, and minus Mike hamby, at a wedding gig (wearing the tuxedos!)

Billy Bruce on drums.


Information, details and photographs Courtesy of Billy Bruce, 2006. Thanks, Billy!

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