Greenwood S.C.


One of the great horn bands of the beach music era formed when two original Swingin' Medallions joined the (six) Tassels from Raleigh, N. C. in late 1966. That group stayed together for over a year and were replaced with other excellent mucicians and showmen. The band had a full itinerary until late 1970 even though the number of musicians that had ridden on the old Grayhound exceeded three time eight. the 1968-70 incarnatijon of the Pieces of Eight, who became the Bits & Pieces in early 1970 were recruited by Ron Simpson, a member of the third Pieces of Eight of mid-1970, AKA the missing Pieces, to reform in 2002 as the Pieces of Eight. Six members of the second Pieces of Eight/Bits & Pieces are giving old and new audiences a great revial of the beach msic era. The band had one smash hit, The Lonely Drifter with a haunting Mexican sounding horn part.

Ken Helser--center--Brent Fortson and Steve Caldwell live in Tuscaloosa Alabama, July 1967

front L-R: Charlie Hughes trumpet, Johnny Seaboal sax and Steve Sutton sax

Back L-R: Bobby Dollar guitar, Roger Wright Bass

Travlin' in style

pics courtesy Greg Haynes: The Heeeey Baby Days of Beach Music

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