Left to Right - Glen Griffin, Tommy Mann, Kim Venable, Marvin Taylor (seated) and Ray Goss.

"The K-Otics were based out of Troy State then Montgomery, Alabama all through the mid and late sixties.  We recorded with Rick Hall at "Fame" in Muscle Shoals, then Sam Phillips at "Sun" in Memphis, then back to "Fame" but with Dan Penn as our producer.  The K-Otics had regional hits with 'Charlena', which stayed in the top ten on WBAM in Montgomery for 17 weeks, and then a national hit for a few weeks with 'Double Shot' on Bang records.  (The Swingin’ Medallions signed with Bill Lowery and Mercury/Smash and eventually got the biggest and longest lasting hit.  Stories abound as to how that happened, but I prefer to think it was their version just being the party version that reminded so many people of Panama City, and their claim to being the first to expose so many people to the song – Dick Holler and the Holidays did the original release on the song some time before all this.)  WAPE was the sister station to WBAM, and I believe they played the K-Otics version of 'Double Shot'.  In any case, The K-Otics played all over Georgia from time to time, in Valdosta, Vidalia, West Point, Bainbridge, Cordele, Albany, Tifton, Waycross, Columbus, and probably other cities that slip my mind. Those were amazing times that produced wonderful bands that made exciting music that sparked great times for us all."  - Marvin Taylor

Marvin Taylor Lead Guitarist of the K-Otics, now at

Five Feathers Music


Tommy "Swamp Man" Mann - Lead Singer of the K-Otics ( http://www.wtbc1230.com/history.html)


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