Lynyrd Skynyrd Documentary Producers Looking For Your Help

The producers of an official Lynyrd Skynyrd documentary for CMT need your help to find footage, photos and printed matter (news clippings, handbills, posters/flyers) of the band made prior to 1978.
Specifically, they are searching for items relating to the venues and dances members of the band (and all of the earlier incarnations and related acts: One Percent, The Mods, King James Version…) went to and played at in the 1960s and 1970s. These include the Sugar Bowl, Skateland, the Good Shepherd Church, Forest Inn, Woodstock Teen Center, The Still, Greenfield Horse Stables, Friendship Park, Jacksonville Beach Coliseum (the Flag Pavilion) and the Comic Book Club (formerly called the Beachcomber), as well as school gymnasiums and teen dances.
If you are able to help please email:

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