Music In Waycross, GA

This just in from Genelda announcing an exciting event coming up in Waycross, Georgia, including a really excellent new idea – An invitation to all who were part of the Garage Band era in South Georgia!

“In September we will be celebrating Music in Wacross. At the Heritage Center, we will have the Smithsonian Exhibit, “New Harmonies”, which is a historical look at American Music. Lots of activities are being planned for the month. One of our big events, of course, will be our annual Gram Parsons Guitar Pull. We would also like an evening dedicated to South Georgia Garage Bands. We want to invite members of the bands from the late 60’s and early 70’s to come back for an evening and share memories, music and mementos. Please let me know if you would be interested in joining us for an evening… and please let any of your friends who are part of the Garage Band era know what we are planning.

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  1. I have news about an old house the Allman Bros. once used. I’d like to share it with you plus the photos I took. You might want to post the news on your blog. I can send my original photos plus a suggested article you can feel free to copy and re-word as you please. Just thought others might be interested in the story. -Ron.V (my old band is on your SGB website: Please email me. Thanks,

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