Robert Plant Covers Garage Band Song

Bryan Babineaux recently notified us of a really great update on one of our SouthernGarageBands from the ’60’s.

Billy John Babineaux along with Bryan’s Dad, Bobby, started playing music in the late 50s and eventually stopped in the late 70s.  Bryan’s Uncle Billy wrote a of lot songs for the band and other performers dreaming someday of making it big.  Fast forward to 2011 and his son gets a call out of the blue from a music royalty company trying to find Uncle Bill.  Incredibly, Robert Plant covered a song they wrote in 1965 titled “Can’t Buy My Love” and is on his latest album titled “Band of Joy”.

 Read all of the details and the update here on
including a link to a live Robert Plant Youtube performance of the song.


Robert Plant Covers Garage Band Song — 2 Comments

  1. I have a little info on the band from Tifton,Ga called Five Faces. I personally played with this group in 60,s as a guitarist. Bill (Billy) morris also played as a guitarist. We practiced at Dr. Edmundsons home with his son and I think another guy son of owner of Jenkins tire at the time. My time with group was short lived because I was drafted into the US Army at thst time when Vietnam war was going on. Bill Morris is deceased. DON’t have any pictures.

    • Hello Vandell!
      Great to hear from you and thanks for visiting us. We do indeed have a page set up on the site for Five Faces, awaiting info, and yours is the first to show up. Thank you sincerely for the info you have. Maybe we can do a little detective work and find more info now that we have some names. Thanks for your help and keep in touch. Do you still play guitar, even just for yourself? I found that it’s not easy to just quit completely. No matter how long I put it away eventually I keep dragging the case out and dusting it off for another round. 🙂
      Dave – for

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