A Genesis Band

There was a well-known and very popular band in Jesup, GA., from which at least two big names in two different genres of music had their earliest forays into local and then major fame.  It was the 60’s and the British Invasion of bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Dave Clark Five and many others had triggered a rage of band creating that swept the USA.  Musicians of all ages, skill levels and experience began gathering in garages, basements and empty buildings to form bands and practice and plan.  These bands began to be known as “Garage Bands” because that was the most likely place for them to have space large enough and cheap enough to be used.

A Garage Band did not have to remain small and/or little known.  Some of them became big-time and very successful.  Most folks don’t think of them as Garage Bands any longer.  The band mentioned at the beginning of this story did not become nationally known, but they did contain and possibly incubate two individual big names.

That band was King David and The Slaves.  The Individuals who would later rise to much bigger success were Randall Bramblett and Eddie Middleton.

Randall toured with Sea Level, Traffic and Steve Winwood.  He now performs and records with The Randall Bramblett Band.

Eddie’s group NewSong was for many years the leading Christian recording group.  Selling more records than any other Christian group ever before, it was a groundbreaking effort.

For loads more information and details please see: SouthernGarageBands.com



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