Hello from SouthernGarageBands.com!

Welcome to the SouthernGarageBands (aka SGB) Blog!

We here at SouthernGarageBands.com are happy to announce the opening of SGB Blog.  This is where everyone interested in the world of Garage Bands can join in the discussion, read the news, find out about events and all other related material we can dig up and, of course, the things you want to tell us about and discuss.

Our first step administratively was to install Comment spam killer to keep our Comments section free of spam and other useless drivel. We pledge to keep this blog and our site as safe and friendly as possible for our visitors and contributors.

This Blog replaces the “Forum” and “Guestbook” features of SouthernGarageBands.com formerly had.  We had to drop those features since they are no longer actively supported and blogs are much more common and familiar.

Be watching for some more new announcements coming with in the next few weeks.  We will post them here and on the Web site: http://southerngaragebands.com


Dave and Andy



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