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Urgent Notification:

The producers of an official Lynyrd Skynyrd documentary for CMT need your help to find footage, photos and printed matter (news clippings, handbills, posters/flyers) of the band made prior to 1978.
Specifically, they are searching for items relating to the venues and dances members of the band (and all of the earlier incarnations and related acts: One Percent, The Mods, King James Version…) went to and played at in the 1960s and 1970s. These include the Sugar Bowl, Skateland, the Good Shepherd Church, Forest Inn, Woodstock Teen Center, The Still, Greenfield Horse Stables, Friendship Park, Jacksonville Beach Coliseum (the Flag Pavilion) and the Comic Book Club (formerly called the Beachcomber), as well as school gymnasiums and teen dances.
If you are able to help please email: skynyrdarchive001@gmail.com

SouthernGarageBands.com is a Web site that is the home to all things Garage Band-related in the Southern USA from the 60’s and 70’s. If you have memories of dances, proms, hops, raves or other music-fueled times from the days when real live bands drove the beat and the feet, and the performers might have been your friends or someone you knew, then this is the place to find them again.

We have pictures, names, venues, posters, tickets, business cards, vans, hearses and newspaper clippings.  You can find out who was in which band, the places they played and when they started and broke up.  You’ll find Fenders, Gibsons, Hagstroms, Ludwigs, Silvertones, Ampegs, Epiphones and microphones.  Keyboards from Farfisa Combo Compacts to Hammond B3’s with multiple Leslie Tone Cabinets.  From flat-tops to duck-tails, bouffants to pixies, Beatle-cuts to shags and all hair styles in between. Weejuns, Gants, Bee-Bops aka Saddle Oxfords, C-Buckle Belts and Gold Cup socks. Jeans and T-Shirts, Pony-Tails and Bee-Hives.  Dives to Drive-Ins.  Broken guitar strings and tugging heart-strings. It’s all here and there’s more and more coming.  Keep up with us and those days when the music was real and the sweat poured down your brow as you broke out your latest moves on the dance floor.

The website is built with your input.  Share it with everyone and talk about it here. Comments welcomed but please keep it civil. Let us hear from you with whatcha have.




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  1. Good job Andy still trying to find a picture of Shaking Briches. Keep up the good battle. Billy Corbin still lives.

  2. You’ve left out Wizard. Fine band from the late ’60’s out of Tampa with Ben Schultz and Paul Forney.

  3. Hi, I just subscribed for this website and I may have in error created one via WordPress. If so I need to delete it. Thanks for any help.

  4. Some of my fondest young adult memories center on the band Zeus and the club, The Other Place, located in Arlington (Jacksonville). To this day, they are my favorite club band fo that era. My 25 year old daughter recently quit wearing my worn out Summer of ’76 Zeus t-shirt and has proudly framed it to hang in her apartment.

  5. I found some photos of an outdoor concert in the piney woods near Jacksonville from the 1970’s which I’d like to send along to see if anyone remembers who the band was. Thanks. -Howard

  6. I would like to hear from ol barry harris ,bass player for the creators band in martinsville , va. would like to hear from anyone that remembers being somewhere we played and had a good time!

  7. Hi guys. This site is great!!! I’m writing because I used to sing in the band Defiance. That other guitar player, the one you call oxo, is George Pruner. Rhythm guitar player. It’s so great to look back on those days. Thanks for the privilege of being included on your site. You guys Rock! Ronny Shackelford

  8. The website link will take you to the definitive Nashville, TN “combos” website. It is not my creation but that of Chip Curley who has done a yeoman’s job of cataloging notalgic Nashville.

    My band, The Spinners, is there along with a multitude of others. The Nashville semi-pro band scene helped to produced the likes of Greg and Duane Allman, from Nashville originally, Charlie McCoy, Robert Knight, Jimi Hendrix, Mac Gayden, Charlie Daniels and more. I remember those gigging days very fondly and still actively play today, though not as much or perhaps as passionately as back in the 60s.

  9. Does anyone remember a band named The Music Makers from Jacksonville,Fl.
    Early sixties. They used to do shows with Dino Sumerlin & Jack Mott, DJ’s from WAPE Radio.

  10. We had a band in early to late eighties called “Reflections”. We opened up for Waycrosd Express for the 1st annual pogofest. Then we played a 2nd set. It took place at Memorial Stadium. I have pics and members if you’re interested. Great site BTW!

    • Hey Charles,
      Even though this is a late reply, we are definitely interested. I had not been checking the comments here because there had been almost none for a long time and it slipped off my “radar”. I hope you can send us the pics and members info! Email to wdstrick@comcast.net and/or dostadawg@gmail.com
      And, Thank You for the great compliment.
      David Strickland

  11. Ask Rodney Justo who started the Mystics and who was the bass player in the orginal picture???? Please give credit where credit is do.

  12. Also who were THE GUYS in Noaks Ark. I Know the orginal band members were Blair Mooney, Buddy Richerson and Bobby Caldwell.

  13. I am a British film producer making a documentary on the 1966 ‘Bigger than Jesus’ controversy. May I ask if you and your readers could help me? I am particularly interested in the story of Waycross as it produced one of the most iconic images of the anti-Beatles backlash, but – as your site suggests – it was also a hotbed of Beatlemania. I would be interested in corresponding with anyone who has personal memories of the event, especially if they were in a Beatles inspired band (such as the Believers) and/or they attended any of the protests. I am hoping to come to Waycross this summer to meet with people who were both teenage Beatles fans and committed Christians, and discuss how they worked out their sense of conflicted loyalty. Many thanks, David Long

    • David Long,

      What about disc jockies Doug Layton and Tommy Charles of local Birmingham, Alabama radio station WAQY (wacky) started the movement that resulted in bonfires of Beatles records? Sorry that I’m just now reading of your documentary. I hope you got it right. We love you Brits but you so often misinterpret or misunderstand what happened in the south during those times as manifested by Bill Wyman’s book “Blues Odyssey.” U.S. Southerners were devoutly Christian back in the 1960s. Many of us haven’t given up those values. Some of us are still incensed at Lennon’s comment and, though we still love Beatles music, we wish he had never said that. Even if he thought it, it was an arrogant, stupid, derogatory, inflammatory, and sacrilegious thought best left unspoken. It makes me angry just thinking about it. The Beatles and most U.K. rockers in the ’60s and ’70s may have loved trying to copy our southern music styles. They got pretty good at it, too. But they never, EVER understood us and still don’t. We southerners are Christians. That’s why they call it the Bible Belt. I know of several Christians who were some of the best rockers and soul music producers in the business including many of the artists the Beatles loved and copied like Little Richard. It was inappropriate to say such things then and the world needs to know it still is. ~Ron.V

        • So that I’m not misunderstood or misinterpreted, here’s what Lennon said in a 4 March 1966 interview at his home:
          “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue about that; I’m right and I’ll be proved right. We’re more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know which will go first – rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me.”

          Much of what he said is just his opinion. He’s entitled to that. It’s that he said “We’re more popular than Jesus now” is what got people upset and still does some of us. Besides being a very sacrilegious statement, it’s simply untrue. Too bad he didn’t realize that. If anyone believes his statement was true they should check the facts. Lennon’s estate takes in about 12 million a year from record sales while (in the U.S. alone) 25 million Bibles are sold each year according to the New Yorker. Even if the Bibles sold at only $1 each, that’s still twice as popular as John Lennon. That’s not even counting what people spend on other things religious.

          I still like John Lennon and the Beatles, always will. As a Christian, I forgive him. I just wish he had never made the statement. It was inappropriate.

  14. How do you add a band to the list? I have a list of bands to let everyone know about from the
    Warner robins, georgia area in the middle 60’s

  15. Dear Dave,
    Hi. I have just written a book that will be released next Spring by University Press of Florida, called “Music Everywhere: The Rock and Roll Roots of a Southern Town,” about Gainesville, Florida’s music scene of the mid ’60s to mid ’70s. I want to use the photograph of the Nation Rocking Shadows that is on your site, and want to know if you can grant permission, it seems to be on a few sites but I can’t trace the ownership of the photo. Could you tell me if you have the rights or if you know who does? It may be an “orphan,” with no traceable provenance, but I want to make sure. I grew up in Gainesville and remember hearing about the Nation Rocking Shadows but I never heard them play. Hope you can help me figure out this photo’s origin. Thanks,
    Marty Jourard
    Seattle, WA

    • Hi Marty, I am embarrassed that this is soooo late, but I can’t trace the source of the picture of the Nation Rocking Shadows.
      If you still are trying to find out about it I will get my friend Andy to search his records since he might have received the
      photo instead of me.
      How is the book doing?
      David Strickland

  16. You are missing a band, that was not a garage band, but was a 25+ years working band playing country clubs, Elks clubs, Shriners, etc. “The Top Hats” (earlier, Bottie Chitty and the Top Hats).
    One of their players in the early 70s was Bill Slais on sax [who later went to the Jets/Elvin Bishop/Jefferson Starship (along with mickey thomas)]. I had a cassette recording of the Jets playing at Valdosta Holiday Inn for a frat party. I was there because Thomas was dating my 12th grade english teacher, and I had played bass with The Top Hats with Slais. I played bass with Top Hats from early 1972 till mid-1977.

  17. I read an article on your website about a picture from 1964 Allman Joys I have a similar picture that was donated to my charity garage sale. It has keep the faith on it and signed by all members of the bans. any information about this picture?

    • Hey Terry! Sorry for the late reply. If it says “Keep the Faith” it is highly probably mine. There were a number of the pictures given out as promotional items or later as gifts to friends. Mine was probably unique in that my wife’s name is Faith and both my wife and I worked with Maynard Portwood and Maynard signed it for us and he also wrote the phrase “Keep the Faith” on it.
      I am curious to know if you still have it?
      David Strickland

  18. Does anyone know if there are any existing recordings of the Brunswick Georgia band “The Dark”? I am a relative of one of the band members (Butch Moseley) and I was a bit young during the years the band was together, but I have always wanted to hear them.

  19. Judkin Mills Band, with Walker Anderson as featured singerwas based in Pensacola in the 1970 era and shared stages with big touring bands as a warm up. They played the Gulf Coast all the way to Louisiana Gulf Coast.

    • Hi Beverly, thank you for the info on Judkin Mills Band with Walker Anderson. I’ll add the band to our list on the site. If you have any other information on them it would great to have it. Other band member names, pictures or anything else.
      David Strickland

  20. I’d like to send you a pic of The Striking Resemblance from 1972 but can’t find out how. HEPP!!!

  21. Hi there,
    I found your page on Southern Garage Bands where you mention the James Gang, Wilbur Walton Jr. and and the “notorious” drummer Bruce White. Bruce was my father and I was wondering if you might be able to share some stories about him with me or any memories you may have? I know he was a nefarious character so please don’t feel the need to sugar coat anything! Please contact me if you are so inclined. Thank you!

  22. found the band I was looking for,”The Englishmen from Macon” would like to know what some the players are doing now. Larry Collins and Ricky Cox.

  23. Good morning, great site for great memories.
    I started the band the Chosen Few in Jesup ,Ga. and recruited my first cousin Jeff Hires to front the band. I played guitar for the band up until the name change to The Soul Sensation…high school and college football got in the way but occasionally would sit in with the band when I was home.
    We spent hours at Ben Portman’s Music in Savannah and we purchased a lot of our equipment there…my Gibson Les Paul SG and Fender Dual Reverb came from that great music store…Great stuff and Great Memories!!
    Pete Hires

    • Hey Pete! Great to hear from you. If you have any pictures or information on the Chosen Few we would love to add it to the site.
      I remember painting the band name on the equipment trailer and I think I would come watch you guys practice at Cracker Williams
      Recreation Park. I see Jeff at reunions and lately he has been actively posting on Facebook. Were you friends with Ronald (Ron) Harris?
      It seems like I remember him mentioning your name not long ago.
      Let me hear from you!
      David Strickland

  24. I was the manager for The Belanger Bros. and Maynard Portwood was our drummer. You have a page about the Allman Joys and a missing signed picture by Maynard. I may have some information on that as Maynard had given me three signed copies of this picture to hold. He took one back and it may have been the one to Dave. I still have two signed pictures that I can give you info on.

    • Hey Frank! This is Dave. I didn’t know that Maynard played with the Belanger Bros. Maynard was a great guy and a terrific person. I’d love to hear more from you about the signed copies of the picture that you had, and the ones you still have. It is so cool to find out more of the story. I will email you directly so you will have my email address.
      Dave Strickland

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